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Jennifer Debra Egan becomes the new director of Egan Real Estate Agency

As a real estate broker with 21 years of experience, Jennifer is full of enthusiasm to become the director of the family business.

Founded in 1972, the agency has been directed both by Denis W. Egan, and Hélène Côté. Since February 22, 2022 Jennifer has taken over the management of the agency thanks to her professional expertise gained with her parents and mentors.

Jennifer owns a real estate brokerage license for residential and commercial properties. Although she can offer services anywhere in the Quebec City area, years after years, she has been mainly developing and working in the following areas :

  • Upper and Downtown Quebec city

  • Sillery-Sainte-Foy, Cap-Rouge

  • South shore of Quebec city

  • Beauce

  • Portneuf

«I have been doing the best job in the most beautiful city in the province of Quebec for 21 years !» Jennifer Debra Egan

Comprehensive services provided in three languages

Jennifer Debra Egan is one of the only real estate brokers in the area who is able to serve her clients in English as well as in Spanish.

She is known for her commitment, determination and availability to her buyers as well as to her sellers. Numerous positive feedbacks about her can indeed be found on Google Reviews.

Year 2022 begins with big challenges for her since her father Denis W. Egan passed away, but her passion for real estate helps her face the future with persistence as she is just in her early forties.

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